Beverage branding and marketing by Vigor

Beverage Branding & Marketing

Mixing innovative spirit and craft-minded creative design into the world of beverages

There are thousands of beverage brands vying for consumer attention and advocacy around the world. From craft breweries and distilleries, to multi-national conglomerates, the need to drive brand participation is ever-growing. It starts with a product that stands for something beyond great taste. It grows with injecting a spirit that’s truly unique and alluring. At Vigor, we help identify the invigorating spirit of a brand, then craft new ways of garnering market participation. Whether it’s beer, wine, or spirits, we know the industry and how to make a brand succeed.

Beverage Branding & Concept Development

From building new concepts to growing existing ones, we know the ins and outs of the industry. We know what rules to break, and which ones to follow to fuel the potential, passion, and participation of restaurant brands. At Vigor, the restaurant industry is at the epicenter of what we do and what we love.


  • Beverage Brand Strategy
  • Product Concept Development
  • Product Naming
  • Beverage Brand Positioning
  • Beverage Brand Voice
  • Beverage Brand Identity Design
  • Beverage Product Website Design
  • TTB Labeling Standards
  • Beverage Brand Architecture

Case Studies

Urban Tree Cidery branding & package design

Crafting a New Legacy

Vigor helped craft the vision of Atlanta’s first hard cidery. This is how made Urban Tree Cidery a brand rooted in legacy and heritage.

On-premise & Off-premise beverage brand marketing

Marketing to trade partners is a slightly different beast than consumer-focused marketing. It takes creative innovation to develop ways that will grab attention long enough to deliver a message that sinks in with partners on and off trade. Vigor’s experience building current partners, and attracting new ones is unsurpassed in the beverage industry. From designing innovative point of purchase displays that stand out, to crafting bartender outreach programs, the Vigor team is poised to innovate the way your brand engages with the industry.


  • Market Research & Surveys
  • On-trade Marketing Strategy
  • Off-trade Marketing Strategy
  • Tasting Event Design
  • POP Display Design
  • Sales Kit Design
  • Promotional Design, Advertising & Marketing
  • Trade Materials Design

Case Studies


Hunting Down a Classic

Vigor activated engaging brand touchpoints for Scotland’s most famous whisky brand. This is how we got trade and consumer audiences to hunt down The Famous Grouse.

Consumer Beverage & Spirits Marketing

Supplying beverage brands with consistent growth in consumer demand is the core focus of Vigor’s consumer beverage marketing strategies. From events targeted at increasing participation from the market to innovative advertising creative that turns heads, the Vigor team knows how to communicate a beverage brands emotional connection effectively. Our experience has spanned from unique tasting events to creating a new means of communicating to a market that’s high in demand. The commonality across all our work: Measurable results.


  • Beverage Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Beverage Brand Social Media Strategy
  • Limited Time Offer (LTO) Marketing
  • Beverage Brand Loyalty Marketing
  • Beverage Brand Digital Advertising
  • Beverage Brand Advertising
  • Above The Line Creative
  • Beverage Brand Website Strategies
  • Beverage Brand App Design & Development
  • New Product Launch Strategies

Case Studies


Giving It To You Straight

With a load of attitude and the right tone, we were able to engage a market to wear the Cutty Sark brand on their social sleeves.