Packaging design for food, wine, beer, spirits, and more.

Food & Beverage Packaging & Package Design

Constructing designs that grab attention in the FCMG, food & beverage worlds

Packaging isn’t about slapping a label on a predetermined box or bottle. It’s about considering the entire experience and how that experience interprets and communicates the brand’s nature and vibe. Successful package design takes into account all three dimensions, every facet, and all potential moments of truth a person will experience. From sight through touch, packaging for FCMG, food, and beverage has to be with a purpose and a reason rooted in brand. That’s how we approach every packaging project at Vigor.

Packaging for Wine, Beer, Spirits & Other Alcoholic Beverages

Most beverage brands hop in the “craft” train in an me-too approach. We take our off kilter thinking seriously and apply it to the packaging world to help make each product stand on its own with a unique personality, aesthetic, and design. From glass design through labeling and box design, we craft beverage packaging experiences that get noticed.

Packaging for Food & Non-alcoholic Beverage Brands

Whether you’re a company with a new line of granola, or the latest juice craze up and comer, packaging is a crucial part of the brand experience. At Vigor, we know how to infuse the brand’s passion throughout a package design experience. It’s more than designing for six sides of a box, or a simple label. It’s about crafting an immersive brand experience.

Restaurant Packaging Design

Packaging for restaurants is often times disregarded as superfluous. However, a restaurant’s packaging can be a superbly powerful means of proliferating the brand. We see packaging as an opportunity to extend and bolster the brand aesthetic and awareness making each packaging design project crucial to a restaurant’s strategy.