Beverage and restaurant social media marketing and branding

Orchestrating Social Media Communications

Creating memorable moments of social media interaction for restaurant and beverage brands

Suffice it to say, everyone knows they “need to be on Facebook,” but that social media giant is just another media platform. It’s not the perceived need to be on social that drives participation and response for restaurant and beverage brands. It’s a cross-channel strategy that pins content relevant to the brand with an audience that wants to engage.

We create social media strategies that focus on guiding audiences from being unaware of your brand to becoming brand advocates who help spread the word about your restaurant or beverage brand.

Orchestrating social media marketing communications for restaurants and beverage brands

We go beyond just the “Big 3” in our social media strategies – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram – and delve into all social media platforms to dictate their role in your restaurant or beverage brand’s broader communications strategy to maximize engagement. With a constant finger on the pulse of trends and new media outlets, the Vigor team drives brands to the forefront of the conversation.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Basing the strategy on objectivity, we’re able to hone a brand’s voice for each channel so it resonates with the audience’s we want most. We focus your brand on crafting content systematically while keeping to door open to new opportunities as the social scene grows and changes. The result is a fluid strategy that guides all communications for the brand.

  • Market Research
  • Audience Definition & Segmentation
  • Brand Voice Creation
  • Content Pillar Strategy
  • Key Moment Identification
  • Fan Growth Strategy
  • Creative Guidelines
  • Standard Scenario Procedures & Strategy
  • Hashtag Strategy

Always On Community Management

The social media world isn’t a 9-5 operation. It’s a living, breathing scene that requires a presence beyond the standard business hours of operation. For Vigor that means having an Always-On approach to managing your brand’s social media community to ensure we communicate at the most relevant moments in our followers’ lives.

  • Scheduled & Real Time Posting
  • Post Optimization
  • Followship Building & Fan Growth
  • Real Time Communications
  • Audience Response & Interaction
  • Social Page/Profile Design
  • Custom Application Design & Integration
  • Goal Tracking & Reporting

Urgent Trendhopping

Relevant creative genius that’s on time, on topic, and on culture. This is Vigor’s take on the Newsjacking idea, but with a focus on avoiding negatives and maximizing your brand’s relevancy in trending culture in the social scene.

  • Trend Monitoring – Twitter & Instagram
  • Urgent Creative Brainstorming
  • Rapidfire Creative Post Design
  • Conversation Management & Interaciton