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Bon Glaze

Husband and wife team had a decadent dream: Create an upscale doughnut experience. They travelled the globe finding the best recipes for their doughnut brand and when they felt they had curated the world’s best, they called on Vigor to make it a reality.

Bon Glaze doughnut coffee shop restaurant branding and package design by Vigor


Midtown Harrisburg was not known as a destination for restaurants or entertainment. Getting folks to “make the trip” was our biggest hurdle and not an easy one to overcome. The previous format was named Double Jack’s and it was known as being a local hole-in-the-wall that only people in the immediate area frequented. It had typical bar food and featured “wings” as their key menu item. It was time for a change.

Bon Glaze coffee doughnut shop restaurant branding logo design


Vigor, in conjunction with the team, developed focused brand directions for the restaurant. From this direction an iconoclastic logo was designed.

The identity was crafted around the recognizable visual elements established in the logo. This identity included menu systems, promotional materials for table tops and bar tops, uniforms, as well as the written voice of the restaurant.

Jackie Blue’s written voice boasted such phrases as “Forking Amazing” when they won the four forks award, and “Simple Cuisine with a Broad Vocabulary” to explain the vibe of the restaurant.

Once opened, Vigor was responsible for developing special event materials and promotions. One such event was a beer dinner with the infamous Troegs Beer. Vigor named the event and built a package of promotional ads that boosted the buzz and sold out the dinner in days.




Cafe, QSR, Quick Service Restaurant, Coffee Shop

Team Size

Client: 2  / Vigor: 3


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