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Flying Biscuit Café

Atlanta’s own staple breakfast brand had lost its identity through the process of acquisition by a larger company. The jolt of the transition had left franchisees jaded, and patrons wondering, “what happened?” Vigor dove in with a focus on finding what was lost.

Flying Biscuit Cafe rebranding and marketing website design


Flying Biscuit had a legacy brand notion with the core market of Atlanta. Although the brand had grown outside of the area, its growth had halted both in franchising and in AUV. The cause of the issue was a lack of brand passion. Something had been lost in the transition from the original ownership to the new.

  • Pinpoint the one truism that had gotten people to fall in love with Flying Biscuit Café.
  • Reinvigorate that passion point within the company, across franchisees, and into the market
  • Increase customer satisfaction and AUV across the brand
  • Onboard other partner companies with the refreshed direction and position

When a brand loses its wind it must start within the four walls and work its way out. Within the four walls of Flying Biscuit was a general feeling of mistrust and skepticism of the new ownership. The franchisees didn’t feel like the company was on their side.

The deeper issue was a loss of passion throughout the organization and brand. That spark that made Flying Biscuit Café an Atlanta staple had gone out. It was the team’s focus to find it, ignite it, and fan that passionate flame so Flying Biscuit could once again grow and cyclically attract new trials while reinforcing loyalty amongst its advocates.

Key Insights

Flying Biscuit’s spark was found in the stories of the first location in a quaint, tightly knit neighborhood called Candler Park. What the Vigor team found was that this community was the quintessential Flying Biscuit world. It was alternative, but outgoing. It was free-spirited, but hospitality was at its core. It was a true blend of Southern hospitality and metropolitan life. This culmination of today’s Atlanta sparked a passionate purpose that Vigor would use to change the tide for the brand: Southern charm with a twist of fun. This was Flying Biscuit Café’s missing link to the people inside and outside the organization.

Flying Biscuit Cafe rebranding and marketing logo design


With a passionate purpose firmly set, the design team at Vigor took to rebranding the restaurant. However, a complete overhaul was out of the question. So much equity had been built behind the iconic cherub and brand color palette. The situation demanded refreshing the look to pull in that passionate purpose without losing its roots. Vigor’s solution was to update the core illustration using a fresh, art-inspired direction.

The cherub would be smiling as always, but replacing the dish of biscuits would be the tools of the baker’s trade: a wire whisk and a rolling pin. This was a strategic move that helped pull “biscuits” away from consumer’s thinking this was their only mainstay. Since the biscuit recipe was in flux at the time, this was an important move to imply fresh made breakfasts and dinners, without being blatant. Secondly the cherub’s wing would go purple. This was to reflect the off-kilter attitude of the brand; that twist of fun.

The ink and watercolor illustration style helped set a new direction and mood for the rest of the brand identity. The brand’s color palette was slightly modified to inject more warmth. The cold lilac color used to date was altered to be a warmer purple. This matched the palette more creating a natural unity while upping the vibrancy of any design touch points.

The rebrand would start to see life in two key areas: a new website and a marketing initiative focused on bring people back to the table. The website would be a simple redesign of the current content while laying the foundation for growth. The marketing effort would focus on getting people to interact with the brand in a natural, but effective way. Participation was key.

Participation was found by tapping the brand’s legendary cookbook. Since Flying Biscuit Café was turning 20, the cookbook would be the one piece of the brand people loved to take with them. Why not redesign the cookbook, but let the people who love Flying Biscuit at their own Southern charm with a twist of fun?

The Vigor team helped launch a user-generated campaign to gather Biscuiteer’s–the new name for Flying Biscuit advocates–recipes in a sweepstakes-like campaign. Table tents, posters, social media posts, and more drove these people to the new website where they could upload their recipes to be voted on by the people. Voting would be tallied at the end of the campaign with winners from each store being selected for inclusion in the book. The book would carry their names and locals with their very own recipe to go down in Flying Biscuit history.




FSR, Full Service, Midscale, Fast Casual, Café, Bakery

Team Size

Client: 3  / Vigor: 6


Atlanta, GA (HQ) – 15 units

Flying Biscuit Cafe rebranding and marketing website design
Flying Biscuit Cafe rebranding and marketing poster design
Flying Biscuit Cafe rebranding and marketing table tent design
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Flying Biscuit Cafe rebranding and marketing tabletents and instore marketing
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