Restaurant Website Experience Design

Fresh To Order

Fresh To Order, a growing fast casual restaurant chain, sought to own “finer” in the lives of its patrons. Unfortunately many parts of the brand’s identity lacked that finer touch. The epitome of this missed opportunity was found in its outdated website experience. Vigor was tapped to create a strategy for building a finer website experience for the brand.

Fresh To Order website design and strategy by Vigor


Fresh To Order wanted to own “finer” in the market, but wasn’t delivering a finer experience. The need to not only update the restaurant brand’s website design was only usurped by the need to rethink its overall strategy and functionality. Deeper than those two key challenges, Vigor was charged with helping the brand in these key ways:

  • Tell and sell the “finer” story through an engaging experience
  • Improve the website’s key analytics: visits, page views, time on the site, bounce rate
  • Increase the amount of online ordering sessions
  • Craft a design inline with the finer, fresher brand promise
  • Increase inquiries from potential franchisees

Key Insights

Fresh to Order had two key markets with whom they needed to interact and attract. The first was their core audience, people who desired and demanded a finer, fresher experience and product. The second market were potential purchasers of a franchise licenses to expand the brand’s reach and footprint. Both markets were inherently different, but had a symbiotic relationship and a common ground: the desire for something finer. We knew that by creating a website experience that was finer, fresher, and streamlined, we could service both markets with equal success.


The team started with a focus on what a “finer” website experience truly meant in the minds of the primary audience. From an initial poll and analytics research we found some indelible truths:

  • People wanted to view the menu and get to an order as quickly as possible
  • People wanted to see the food they were about to buy
  • People demanded a seamless, coherent experience on their mobile devices

We then turned our focus on the secondary, but very important market of franchising. These website visitors were concerned with the brand story, but had other motives to convert to a lead. They wanted to get a sense of legitimacy, and were looking for a business opportunity with a company that had infrastructure, marketing support, and operations prowess. The franchise section of the Fresh To Order site had to expel any doubts that they were up to the challenge, while delivering key objective information that was easily found and understood. This meant a strategic mix of selling the magic, and telling the facts.

With these truths as a guide, the Vigor team set about redesigning the brand website’s information architecture from user flowcharts to wireframes. The focus was put on getting a site visitor to key areas of conversion while telling the brand’s story along the way.

This was accomplished with a focus on user interaction and experience. We told the story of Fresh To Order’s finer, fresher experience with excellent design aesthetics and smooth functionality across the entire website experience. For those visiting the site on mobile, the site was extremely mobile-friendly due to the Vigor team’s mobile-first approach to the design and function.

The new website’s home page, the number one landing page by far, was a mix of form and function. The story was told clearly and boldly through large food imagery that teased and enticed the visitor when rolled over. The roll over state of the images featured a headline and teaser copy that would lead the visitor further into the website experience giving the brand a chance to tell more of the story to an engaged viewer.

Finally, streamlining the purchase and inquiry processes was a major focus of the effort. Although the team did not have the opportunity to streamline the entire online ordering process, we did make it easier to start the process. Rather than simply sending users to the online ordering system only to have to select a location, we stamped out that task by letting them select the location prior to click-through. This reduced frustration on the user-side making for a finer experience, while increasing click through rates.




Fast Casual

Team Size

Client: 4  / Vigor: 4


16 / Georgia, North Carolina, Florida


  • The site saw an immediate improvement in all analytics targeted. Drop off rates decreased, while conversions, time-spent, and visits skyrocketed.
  • The new site platform has allowed the internal marketing team the ability to grow the site with new, fresh content that helps reinforce the story.
  • Online ordering and franchise inquiries have also increased since launch.

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