Restaurant Branding & Naming

Industry Tavern

When Vigor was tapped by an Atlanta local, successful restaurateur, we weren’t given much direction except he wanted a place that he’d like to hang out in. Located in a notoriously difficult location, we had to change the preconceived notions about the troubled spot while establishing a new brand the locals would love.

Industry Tavern restaurant branding


In addition to the troublesome location the team was challenged with creating a restaurant brand experience that would appeal to the heavily commercial, built-in traffic while attempting to entice late night visitors in the area. We needed a name that people could identify with that would be easy to remember. We needed an identity that established the restaurant as a legitimate spot where people of all ages would want to patronize.

Key Insights

One thing we can all agree on is that work can be a grind. No matter what your job, blue or white collar, employment is a common ground. We’re all a part of an industry and we all need a place where we can relax after putting in a hard day’s work. By tapping this feeling in the people we could establish this new brand as a down-to-earth place for all types of folks.


The core focus of the restaurant was to create an experience where people could take their clients for lunch, then come back to roll up their sleeves after work. The multiple day part focus of breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks gave the restaurant maximum opportunities to optimize their revenue streams without creating a diluted brand. The Vigor team collaborated with the clients to create a selection of potential names. Eventually the name Industry Kitchen & Bar* was chosen to appeal to the working public no matter what their collar color may be.

With the restaurant’s core brand in focus, the Vigor team set out to design key elements of the identity and interior experience. The brand’s core logo* was a graphic representation that leverage key mnemonic devices that trigger keywords like craft, beer, and industrial chic gastropub. The industrial chic direction was pulled into the interior design of the restaurant as well as the restaurant’s threshold design.

Other key brand identity elements for the restaurant sought to communicate an old-fashioned, industrial era feel from design through tone of voice, and into the website and interiors. Vigor was responsible for the creative direction of the restaurant’s bar design, key lighting fixtures, furniture, threshold and the Coca-Cola mural.

* – Eventually the name was changed to Industry Tavern and the logo altered by an in house designer.




Full Service, FSR, Bar

Team Size

Client: 2  / Vigor: 4


Atlanta, GA

Industry Tavern restaurant branding menu design and interior design

Project Notes & Results

Industry Tavern opened in early 2014 and continues to operate with a growing list of loyal customers.

Industry Tavern restaurant branding marketing poster design
Industry Tavern restaurant branding food photography
Industry Tavern restaurant branding
Industry Tavern branding restaurant website design
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