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Infusing brand strategies throughout immersive interior experiences

Wayward Kitchen & Bar / Restaurant interior design

We infused a wild ideal and free spirit throughout this Baltimore smokehouse and bar experience.

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Wayward Southern Bar & Kitchen restaurant branding & Interior design in Baltimore, Maryland

We believe that the interior space is an epic moment of truth in a consumer’s journey. Because of the weight of this moment, we believe interior spaces should be more than decoration (even really awesome decoration.) A restaurant’s interior should be built from the brand strategy outward. Every texture, color, treatment, fixture, and selection must be tied back to the brand and its driving passion. It takes way more then putting a logo on the wall and matching some colors.

Restaurant brands need to consider the consumer journey and identify key moments of brand immersion from the approach outside the building through the audience’s exit. When done with creativity and rooted in the brand, a restaurant’s interior design and architecture serve their most profound purpose.

At Vigor, we know how to thread the brand strategy throughout architecture and interior design experience for restaurants with precision.

Restaurant Interior Design & Architecture Articles

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Restaurant Interior Design & Architecture Projects

Latest Work

A restaurant’s architecture and interior design serve as the quintessential moment of truth for brand participation. Yet more often than not, the physical environment is disjointed from the brand’s other visual touch points. We bridge that gap through innovative, participation driven brand thinking and creative. Whether it’s our own team, or a team you’ve already contracted, we can serve as the custodians of the brand and how it plays out in your environment.

We craft participation fueled interior design and architectural experiences for restaurant brands whether it’s a QSR, full service experience, chic café or a bar. Let’s talk.

Consumer Journey Strategy & Space Planning

Creating smooth traffic patterns and an experience that’s intuitive is the focus of our efforts. Often times copying another restaurant layout seems like the right move; however, each space and each brand should approach the space plan individually with a focus on how the brand is communicated. This is how we approach your brand experience at Vigor.

  • Consumer journey strategy
  • Space planning
  • Technical requirements
  • Kitchen design
  • Traffic flow studies
  • Moments of truth mapping

Interior Design & Architecture

We believe every element of a restaurant brand experience should be created through design precision. Above form and function is brand, and the brand should dictate everything from the floor to ceiling. When designed with this mentality, the exterior and interior environment becomes an immersive, unforgettable brand experience. From restaurants to bars, the Vigor team knows how to thread the brand strategy throughout an interior space.

  • Concept development
  • Interior design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Signage & wayfinding systems
  • Value engineering
  • Custom furniture & fixtures design
  • Materials and textiles

Architectural & Interior Design Brand Consulting

For those with architects and/or interior designers already retained, we play quite nicely in the sandbox. We serve as brand consultants and custodians to their work to ensure the interior experience infuses the brand correctly and effectively. It’s beyond simply throwing logos on things. It goes into how the experience creates a feeling connected to the brand’s core.

  • Design direction
  • Brand management
  • Design review