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Johnny’s Pizza House / Restaurant rebranding & design

This 50 year old brand had a lot of equity, but hadn’t moved much with the times. Here’s how we created a brand worth sharing for this 50 unit pizza brand.

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Johnny's Pizza House exterior design and architecture concept

One thing is inevitable: In time things get old. Marketing messages become less effective, and brand experiences become stagnant. When this happens restaurant brands need to reassess their market, their position in it, and how they’re communicating that story. Rebranding the restaurant is necessary to invigorate an audience’s interest while reestablishing its position in the market. Our process and methodology helps unify outdated and ineffective brands with a stronger strategy primed for success.

Changing consumer perceptions and preconceived understandings of your brand demands an objective approach to repositioning. At Vigor we rely on a tried and true process that helps us maintain the things people love while rebuilding the things people have either forgotten or dislike about your brand. The new life garnered from this process directly fuels design communications from redesigned brand identities and packaging through interiors, internal communications and more.

Restaurant Branding & Concept Development Projects

Latest Work

At Vigor, we know how to guide restaurant and beverage brands through the delicate process of reinvigorating their passion and how they communicate it through visual and aural touch points. We help traverse potential negative pushback from current brand fans and internal stakeholders to maximize buy-in while accentuating the potential for success. That’s rebranding and brand evolution with Vigor.

Whether QSR, fast casual, full service, or food truck, if you think your restaurant brand could use a refresh or new thinking, let’s talk.

Brand Repositioning Strategy

The audience drives everything and their perceptions of your brand, although potentially incorrect, are what need to be guided via a new strategy. By identifying the current state of your brand and concurrently pinpointed the desired position, we’re able to craft strategies that push your brand in the right direction.

  • Market Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Consumer Polling & Research
  • Current State Audit
  • Audience Definition
  • Brand Gap Identification
  • Brand Story Creation
  • Repositioning Strategy

Brand Identity Redesign

Legacy brands have built a history of a certain look and feel. We take this into account when we approach a brand identity that requires updating. It’s a delicate task that requires the team to balance elements that have worked while creating a fresh image that represents the new position of the brand.

  • Brand Logo Design
  • Brand Graphic Language Design
  • Typography Design & Selections
  • Color Palette Selections
  • Textures and Graphic Treatments Design
  • Brand Standards Documentation
  • Brand Collateral Design & Production
  • Brand Story Book Design
  • Brand Videography & Video Production
  • Brand Website Design & Development

Brand Launch & Activation

It doesn’t matter if a falling tree makes a sound if no one hears it. Launching a newly repositioned brand to the internal team is just as important as launching it market. We help you onboard the staff and team to get them excited about the new direction, then work with you to launch the brand to the public in moments they’ll remember.

  • Publicity & Event Planning
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Team Onboarding & Training
  • Implementation
  • Post-Launch Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Product Tasting Events