Jun 15, 2017

3 restaurant & beverage logo designs accepted into LogoLounge 10

We’re always excited to be included in a new publication. It’s even more validating and honoring when it’s one as notoriously brilliant as LogoLounge. This week we were honored to hear that three of our logo designs were accepted into the 10th edition of LogoLounge.

The three logo designs selected are for Defie Moi, Brick River Cider Co, and Fioro.

Logo design for Defie Moi restaurant popup branding in Baltimore, MD

Defie Moi was a pop-up restaurant that focused on Asian-French fusion. The vision of Chef Cyrus Keefer, Defie Moi has graced the Baltimore scene numerous times to much critical acclaim. Our logo design for this food experience is a representation of a classed Chinese dragon mixed with a street-style custom type design.

Logo design for Brick River CIder Company craft cider branding in St. Louis, Missouri

Brick River Cider Co is a craft cider brand based in St. Louis. They have yet to launch, but the buzz is building around this new craft cider experience. The brand identity is a visual representation of the name and it’s Americana roots. Stay tuned for more work on this project as well as announcements of their opening and availability.

Logo design for Fioro fast casual restaurant branding in New York, NY

Fioro is an Italian fast casual brand that launched last year in New York. Read the full restaurant branding case study here. We handled everything from strategy through brand naming and identity design.


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