Aug 5, 2018

Joseph appears on Grow Fearlessly Webinar to talk 5 tips for building your brand

Branding is one of the most misconceived labels in business today. There are thousands of books on the topic, and ten times as many ideas of what it is and isn’t. Rather than get mired in the details and minutiae of the definition, I lay out five lessons derived from famous bull parables from around the world. These lessons, when applied, help build any brand despite having a clear, accurate definition of “branding.”

Lara Hodgson and I discuss business today, how to build brands, and answer some key questions from the listeners/watchers. If you don’t know Lara and her company, NOWAccount, you best give them a look. Their ideal and service is perfect for the business to business community who constantly struggle with accounts receivable. She and her term have changed the game in that arena, and will continue to innovate because it’s in their DNA.


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  • regina barkley
    Aug 27, 2018

    i know lara 🙂 – smartest girl in our senior class at pius lol.
    but i’m commenting just to say you are a REALLY good writer. i like the subject matter of branding, which of course is what drew me to these “5 things” posts. i was thinking in my head, “what a great writer!” but it wasn’t until you mentioned my friend lara that i decided to comment. have a great week!


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