Uniting restaurant brands under a single passionate vision

Every brand has its problems. We’ve found that most stem from a misaligned focus on what everyone is striving to achieve. Whether marketing is promoting a nonexistent ideal, or operations isn’t pushing the envelope the right way, misalignment causes a domino effect landslide that’s hard to correct.

We unite brands under a singular passionate purpose; a focus that serves as a lens for every facet of the restaurant. With that focus we help proselytize that passion inside and outside the restaurant’s proverbial “four walls.”



Fueling brand growth and proliferation for restaurants of all sizes

Moving a restaurant brand forward isn’t simply a marketing ask; it’s a branding and operations ask, too. Therefore our thinking isn’t contained into one discipline or area of services. We propel restaurant brands forward by taking a holistic, no-holds-barred, approach to realizing the brand’s ideal and it’s potential. From traditional to social, content-driven to creative-lead campaigns, we engage in branding and marketing with a focus on what matters: propelling the brand forward.



Moving restaurant brands forward to maintain relevance

Things change; markets, audience interests, competitive landscapes. Most brands fail to roll with the changes. They fail to shed what doesn’t work any longer quickly becoming irrelevant or old news.

At Vigor we evolve brands as a proactive principle, not a reactionary project. We help brands maintain their market relevance and stop top of mind and top of their game.

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