Restaurant Branding Careers

Join a herd of two-horned unicorns, and creative juggernauts dead set on crafting remarkable restaurant experiences.


Help create the world’s next remarkable restaurant brands from concept through campaigns with amazing creatives.


Are you driven by a desire to change the world through design and creativity? Well then, we’re excited to meet you.


What’s our culture like at Vigor? Glad you asked. Dive into what makes our herd something special.

Craft remarkable experiences that hit all the senses

There’s no other industry like the restaurant industry. It’s unique in so many ways. At Vigor, you get to play a role in creating remarkable restaurant experiences that you can actually see, touch, hear, smell and taste!

Grow your skillsets and career

We’re here to help you charge ahead in your career by accumulating knowledge, skills, and expertise unique to the restaurant industry.

Collaborate with fantastic creatives

We are better than the sum of our parts and our parts happen to be pretty amazing creatives from designers and art directors to project managers and account directors. 


We’re actively seeking two-horned unicorns to add to our herd in these disciplines.


The Designer at Vigor is a well-rounded mid-level talent with a love for food and beverage. The ideal design candidate is passionate and talented with


“Nobody puts the copywriter in the corner.” – Patrick Persuadesy While that’s not a real quote from a real person, we happen to agree whole-heartedly.


Get your creative career started in the right direction. This isn’t about grabbing coffees for the leadership team. It’s about getting your hooves, er… feet, wet and your hands dirty in real work and collaboration.

Here’s what we look for in an ideal intern:

Every quarter we pour through submissions to join the team as a temporary intern. Please fill out this form and be sure to flex your creativity in the message section.