Hotel Food & Beverage Concept Development

F&B Drives Choice & Preference. We drive F&B.

On trend, remarkable food and beverage experiences directly drive hotel brand choice and preference. And as the competition continues to evolve and heat up, the need for creating game-changing brands becomes not only a desire, but a necessity to stay on top.

At Vigor, we collaboratively craft innovative F&B experiences primed to charge forward. Through our proven process, we empower ownership groups, hospitality management companies, and brand-level stakeholders to challenge the status quo; to redefine what hotel food and beverage experiences should be. We do it with Vigor.

Benefits of working with Vigor

What Vigor can do for you

Our services have more than utilitarian purposes. We have proven time and again that our collaborative, data-driven approach adds measurable value in three major ways:

Optimize budgets across partners

When all parties are aligned on strategy and vision, the process of design becomes smoother and easier to execute across the suite of partners. That alignment means less time spent in overlapping processes, and an optimized focus on bringing things to life.


Clear strategies built with collaborative processes get buy-in from the very beginning across every stakeholder at the table. The result is an easier path to evaluation and approvals ensuring that even the most aggressive timelines can be met.

Compete at the local level for increased traffic

F&B outlets cannot rely solely on hotel guest traffic. The local community must be tapped to not only add revenue, but also add clout to the legitimacy of the F&B experience. If the locals love it, so will the guests. We craft brands that set trends in market.