Vigor + earthbar = Harmony

A whole new world & a wholly better brand

We’re excited and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate on evolving the EarthBar brand. We face a number of challenges that we, as a team, will be able to identify and overcome. It is our belief that our expertise, experience, and passion for food and beverage branding and marketing will be that final piece of the puzzle you need to bring EarthBar into a successful next phase of life.

We hope you choose to do it with Vigor.

Experience & expertise

We know how to tell wellness stories.

From startup brands with wellness as a core platform to growing large brands to own the wellness angle, we’ve been weaving stories that connect with consumers on an emotional level. That connectivity fosters belief, adoption, and eventually turns those brands into lifestyles.

When our friends at IHG launched Even Hotels, a new wellness focused hotel chain, they thought they had hit a homerun. However, they realized that the purpose of the brand and its story wasn’t connecting with potential owners and management groups. Additionally, they hadn’t sufficiently thought about how that story is told in an ongoing forum like social media and advertising.

We collaborated with the IHG team to develop a unique voice that captured the heart and lifestyle of the conscious consumer on the go. One of our outputs was this reel that effectively sold the story of Even Hotels’ opportunity.


We know how to translate them to retail.

Wellness doesn’t stop at the counter, or at the stories told on social channels. Retail plays a big role in extending the brand’s reasons to believe, empowering patrons to continue their wellness journey, and opens up new lines of revenue. 

For our friends at Aloha, they faced a big opportunity and an equally big hurdle. Target was interested in the product, but not interested in their packaging. In order to warm them up, we collaborated with the team to redesign their packaging with a broader Patron group in focus.

The result was getting invited to the shelves of one of the nation’s largest department stores.


We absolutely love this

We believe that life’s most memorable moments are had in the company of food and drinks with friends, family, and loved ones. A role so important demands those experiences have a visceral, emotional connection worthy of those memories. It is our mission to create, build, and grow remarkable brand experiences for our clients whether it’s a startup brand looking to challenge leaders, or heritage brand striving to continue to charge ahead, we’re here to collaborate with our clients and inspire them to do it with Vigor.