Mediterranean Fast Casual Restaurant Branding & Concept Development


After the fall of the ambitious pizza chain Naked Pizza (NKD), one franchisee sought to build a new concept in its wake. As a Lebanese American, this aspiring restaurateur was compelled to create an authentic Mediterranean fast casual experience. This is how we created an expression of modern Beirut.

The highly competitive Mediterranean trend

Mediterranean cuisine was trending hard with successful brands growing aggressively. We had to push this new experience outside the expectations of an audience who had well-rooted understandings of the cuisine. We found our inspiration in the streets of the owner’s home city, Beirut.

The energy and art of today’s Beirut

Beirut was full of energy in life in the 60’s and 70’s where it staked its claim to the nickname, Paris of the Middle East. The French influence imported art, culture, and culinary excellence which meshed with the existing beautify of Lebanon and her own cultural nuances. The result was a forward-thinking city that featured a neighborhood known as a cultural epicenter. That neighborhood is named, Badaro.

Infusing art and energy with Mediterranean vivacity

Badaro’s historic roots and modern experience influenced the design of the restaurant’s brand identity. The vivacity of Badaro was infused throughout the brand starting with a highly geometric custom logotype, and a vibrant color palette. A photographic style was established to showcase not only the food and ingredients but the feeling that the food brings to the audience: clean, fresh, vibrant, life. This tone was communicated with high contrast, super saturated and colorful photographic treatments. When introduced through geometric shapes and layouts, the result was a unique look that’s unexpected for a Mediterranean restaurant concept.

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