“Nobody puts the copywriter in the corner.” – Patrick Persuadesy

While that’s not a real quote from a real person, we happen to agree whole-heartedly. At Vigor, we feel that copywriters are the foundation of remarkable restaurant strategies and how they manifest visually and verbally. We expect a lot from our copywriters because we think copywriters are capable of way more than turn of phrase and witting one-liners.

We’re looking for someone with an insatiable hunger for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Someone who has the passion to create remarkable experiences from strategy through advertising campaigns that get attention and drive results. From helping fuel the foundations of brand strategy to developing the voice that will become its hallmark, a copywriter’s role at Vigor is anything but boring.


  • Research clients, their competitors and the target audience
  • Develop creative ideas and concepts in collaboration with creative team
  • Produce original, clear and credible ideas/messages/scripts, and presenting these to clients and colleagues
  • Amend, revise or redevelop adverts or campaigns in response to feedback from the creative director, account team or clients
  • Liaise with clients and colleagues, and meeting project teams to consider advertising, marketing and branding requirements
  • Liaise with production companies, photographers, typographers, designers and printers
  • Interpret creative briefs to fuel remarkable creative solutions
  • Monitor campaign effectiveness
  • Keep up to date with popular culture and trends


  • Must be able to work independently and collaborate well with others
  • Bachelor’s degree in advertising or other related fields
  • At least 3 years of work experience
  • Must be proactive, hardworking and able to meet deadlines
  • Excellent commercial awareness and time management skills
  • Accuracy in terms of grammar and information
  • Work experience in leading advertising agencies is strongly preferred
  • Excellent English communication skills

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