Taking Command Of The Moments They’ll Take With Them.

Extending the restaurant brand experience through remarkable packaging design

One of the primary ways packaging extends a restaurant brand is through takeout packaging. More often than not, restaurant brands see takeout packaging as a utilitarian necessity. We think takeout materials should be approached as opportunities to extend the reach and messaging of a brand instead. Bags become billboards. Cups become campaign drivers. All focus on gaining interest while doubling as endorsements from those who carry and display the brand packaging materials.

There’s another way to extend a restaurant brand outside the four walls. Food packaging is the ideal because not only is the brand out in the world, the flavor is, too. At Vigor we approach packaging iconic brand flavors like sauces, coffee, rubs, and more, as opportunities to tell stories and keep you on consumers’ minds.

Takeout packaging that grabs attention

Successful packaging design for restaurants goes way beyond servicing the utility of holding and transporting food. It’s a big opportunity to showcase and promote the brand’s deeper story and aesthetic. Furthermore, it’s one of the only brand touch-points that can be an experience in third-party delivery scenarios.

We approach packaging design with these realities as a guide to answer the question, “How can this vessel create unexpected moments of intrigue and elation?”

Retail line extensions for restaurant brands

Restaurants build captivated audiences who become loyal advocates. That advocacy can create a demand for retail line extensions of signature products. From sauces and spice blends to beverages and more, we help restaurant brands explore and deploy successful consumer packaged goods that not only open new lines of revenue but also continue to build the brand narrative.

Craft Beer & Cider Branding & Packaging

Not only do we develop innovative, extraordinary brands for restaurants, our talents have also been adapted to the craft beer and cider industries. We’ve been integral in developing strategies, identities, and packaging suites that challenge the status quo and redefine expectations.