• Uniting restaurant companies and teams through brand strategy, concept development, and identity design to drive innovation, growth, and loyalty.

  • Propelling restaurant brand growth and revenue through innovative marketing strategy, creative, and campaigns to gain market share.

  • Evolving and rebranding legacy restaurant brands to reinforce market relevance, grow market share, and rejuvenate brand advocates.

People don't buy food. They buy experiences. We are a restaurant branding and marketing agency that creates remarkable experiences.

The most memorable moments in our lives are experienced surrounded by food and beverages. We believe restaurant brands should provide experiences worthy of such a pivotal, profound role in people’s lives. But not just any experiences will do. Only the most remarkable ones culminate to build brands that people seek out, enjoy, and eventually fall in love with. It is our passion and purpose to  craft remarkable restaurant brands because that’s what this world deserves.

At Vigor, we lead with a proven brand strategy process to excavate the restaurant’s motivating Purpose and develop the platforms that are primed to attract Patrons and rapidly grow loyalty. Whether you’re a startup restaurant brand looking to change the game, or an existing brand looking to increase market penetration and dominance, our experience, expertise, and passion are invaluable resources for realizing success through true restaurant branding and marketing. From fast casual to full service, food trucks to food halls, we craft brands with Vigor.

Fueling a Mexi-Cali Fusion Experience

Banditos Bar & Kitchen  //  Baltimore, Maryland

Restaurant Branding & Concept Development

Crafting new restaurant brands for visionary restaurateurs, top chefs, and hospitality companies

Creating & communicating character for a fast casual restaurant brand

Erik’s DeliCafé  //  Bay Area, California

Restaurant Marketing

Propelling growth and scale with innovative stories and strategies for multi-unit restaurant brands

Kneading purpose into a bagel bakery brand

Great Bagel & Bakery  //  Lexington, Kentucky

Restaurant rebranding

Evolving existing brand identities and experiences to gain marketshare and reclaim dominance

Without purpose it's just decoration. Successful brands aren't decorated. They're designed with Vigor.

– Joseph Szala, Principal

Branding Insights

Innovative restaurant branding & marketing ideas and strategies

The latest news, expert opinion, advice, resources, and happenings in restaurant branding and marketing. Curated and authored by the branding experts at Vigor.