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Restaurant brands set the stage for life’s most memorable moments. Whether a celebration with friends, a lunch with peers, or a pit-stop on a road trip of a lifetime, a restaurant is always part of the story. We believe that’s an extremely important role to play in this world. Importance on that scale means brands must be lead with purpose.

We’re not just designers of restaurant brand identities; we’re restaurant brand strategists first. Every project is lead by excavating a restaurant’s true purpose and supporting it with four key pillars.

At Vigor, we unite the brand under that passionate purpose using it as a lens across the entire brand to create holistic, complete experiences. That purpose is used as fuel for propelling brands forward with innovative, strategic restaurant marketing initiatives. We think, design, and develop with evolution as an inevitability, not a reactionary requirement.

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We create restaurant brands from establishing profound, powerful strategies focused on an audience through eye-catching food packaging design. For us, it’s about crafting each element of a brand as a unique moment, then tying it all together with the restaurant’s brand passion and personality as the defining story.


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