People don't buy food. They buy experiences.

Restaurant branding, marketing, and design with Vigor


The difference between restaurant brands that lead and ones that follow is a purpose. When a clearly defined and communicated motive drives a brand, it unites teams and patrons and takes the wheel of  marketing and advertising campaigns. Purpose lies at the heart of every immersive dining experience. It’s that authenticity that people are craving. 

At Vigor, our specialty is bringing your company’s motivation into the light. Our approach has led us to help develop and design restaurant, beverage and hospitality brands perfectly primed and poised to become market leaders.

Our strategy is driven by two things: your target patrons and your brand’s purpose. Every aspect of your restaurant,  patron- and purpose-driven approach to developing and designing restaurant, beverage, and hospitality brands helps Once that is in focus, we work our magic to unite your team’s multiple facets around that motive to make for a compelling experience for your ideal patrons. By keying in on who your patrons are, we are more clearly able to appeal to their interests and help build loyalty.

Uniting restaurant companies and teams through strategy, concept development, and identity to drive innovation, growth, and loyalty.

Propelling restaurant brand growth and revenue through innovative marketing strategy, creative, and campaigns to gain market share.

Evolving legacy restaurant brands to reinforce market relevance, grow market share, and rejuvenate brand advocates.

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