Visual Identity Design

Creating Unique Expressions
Of Brand Personality

Crafting strategy-led distinctive restaurant brand identities that communicate personality and rise above the norm.

Today’s consumer is much more intricate than in the past. A logo slapped around every where does more damage than good to a brand experience. People don’t want to be bludgeoned with the same thing and over and over again. No, today, consumers demand a rich, fully considered experience that’s differentiated across touchpoints, yet rooted in the same “story.” We call this a “visual language,” and it’s the root of how we design restaurant brand identities.

A visual language more than ticks the box of the logo need. It creates an invaluable toolkit of elements that can be used and built upon to craft robust, immersive experiences across every channel and environment a restaurant has as opportunities.

At Vigor, we approach designing and crafting brand identities through the lens of the brand’s Golden Lasso, or strategic framework. From this epicenter, we create unique marks, typography, color palettes, textures, and other graphic devices that create an ownable and identifiable brand identity different from the area’s competing restaurant brands. 

With this focus, we’re able to excavate opportunities to design visual communication points that uplift and accentuate a restaurant’s appeal to their desired Patron. And, yes, we design the core logo, too.

Visual Brand Identity Design

Restaurant, beverage, and hospitality brand identities designed with Vigor

From food trucks to food halls, fast casual to full service, Vigor has had the honor of crafting the visual identity expressions for over 200 concepts and counting. Here is a selection of the distinctive identities at their core.