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Propelling Brand Teams With Empowering Toolkits & Playbooks

Brand toolkits and playbooks should be more than instructional rule books. They should inspire and empower teams to propel brand thinking, ideation, and creation.

Whether it’s brand books or marketing toolkits, the need for direction and processes is undeniable. However, as with most things in life, not every toolkit is alike and missing the mark in this vital resource can cause damage to a brand and its communications.

At Vigor, we don’t believe a toolkit is a “necessary evil” or a boring project for the “B team.” Toolkits and playbooks are incredible opportunities to not just serve as a rulebook, but do much more for propelling brands forward.

Brand toolkits and playbooks must uplift teams by serving them clear paths to success. They should empower teams to be more creative with purposeful direction, and seed them with inspiration to go beyond stamping out assembly line outputs.

Whether it is setting the foundations for how to successfully market hotel food and beverage brands across a global network, or establishing the finer points of a multi-unit QSR brand identity, we know what it takes to create and onboard teams with toolkits and playbooks that propel brands forward.

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Playbook & Toolkit Development Services

Toolkits & playbooks primed to propel your brand ahead

From defining critical goals and strategic approach to developing content and sample creative, Vigor’s creative and strategy team is here to help bring your toolkit and playbook to life. We’ve crafted both digital and printed playbooks for brands of all sizes – startup restaurant brands through fortune 500 goliaths. Together, we’ll craft a usable playbook that empowers and inspires your team to unlock the remarkable.