Restaurant Brand Activation

Activating restaurant brands with momentum and buzz.

Launching new restaurant brands and newly rebranded restaurants

New restaurant brands have an uphill battle, but a unique advantage out of the gate. Interest is high for new brands, but can be followed by a plateau if that buzz isn’t pumped up and maintained.

Existing brands moving into new markets have similar challenges to new brands. The equity they’ve built in their home markets is erased, leaving them starting from square one.

In both scenarios, restaurants need a strategy for building interest and intrigue, acquiring new trials, then establishing a path to loyalty. Months before a new restaurant or restaurant unit is opened, the strategy for guiding the market through the journey from unaware to advocacy begins.

At Vigor, we collaborate with you to develop successful go-to market strategies for restaurant brands new and existing. We work to identify the right media channels, the right timing, and the right messaging that will create the optimal situation for a successful opening. We go further to ensure the restaurant brand continues its growth in market with ongoing strategies that create an ever-growing group of loyalty fanatics.