Website Experience Design

Mobile-First Experiences
For Consumer-First Brands​

Restaurant websites should be far more than digital menus and links to locations. Outside of the physical space, they are the biggest opportunity for full brand immersion.

For many restaurants, a website is simply another box to check. Display a menu, show some food imagery, and make the locations easy to find. Sure, that gets a website out into the world, but the real question is, what does that say about the brand as a whole? 

A website (and other brand elements for that matter) that just checks the boxes communicates a shallow brand that’s no more interesting than the food they serve. Sure, you may have “the best food ever,” but people today want more meaning. They want to know who you really are, and the website experience one of the most powerful opportunities to deliver on that.

Websites today should immerse patrons in the brand’s nuances and personality. It should deliver an experience that’s exemplary of the lifestyle on which the brand delivers. This is done by designing for the patron’s first and creating content that gets them to spend more time with the brand.

At Vigor, we create highly immersive brand experiences for leading restaurant brands. We design mobile-first websites that are also consumer-first. From enriching content that tells deeper stories, to highly engaging features that bring them into the folder, a website designed with Vigor is one that accentuates the restaurant brands’ promises.

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Website Design Process

How we design immersive website experiences


UX Strategy & Information architecture Planning

Collaborate on a clear patron profile and various user paths to define a best-in-class user experience.

Document the core functionality, technical and business requirements for the site.


User Experience and Interface Design

Melding the disciplines of UX and UI to create a mobile-first user-centric design and interface that pulls the guest through the experience leading to conversions.


Content Development

Working with you to collect current available content, and ideate on new content that will tell the brand’s story, immerse the guest fully, and drive them towards deeper connections with the brand and its purpose.


Development Partner Onboarding & Management

Identify the right partner for the job and manage the project from beginning to end serving as critical communication point between all parties involved.

Ensure the site’s functionality and features meet the strategy’s direction.