Inside the Agency

The who, how, and why of Vigor

We charge ahead to create remarkable experiences worthy of life’s most memorable moments. From expert restaurant branding through innovative restaurant marketing, and everything in between, Vigor is a pivotal partner in realizing the amazing.

Branding & Marketing Approach

Vigor’s proprietary approach to crafting restaurant, beverage, and hospitality brands lassos people with a brand’s purpose.

Agency History

This ain’t our first rodeo. Vigor has been developing restaurant brands for over 17 years. Dive into our history and our agency culture.

Who's in our bullpen

Each member of the Vigor team is a strategist first, creative second. We collaborate with each other and our clients to create innovative brand experiences. Get to know the folks in our bullpen below.

Joseph Szala, Principal

Joseph Szala

Subject matter expert on the topics of branding and marketing in the restaurant industry. Multi-disciplinary wearer of many hats. Passionate about design, and loves art and photography.
Aaron Tovi, Brand Strategist & Creative Director

Aaron Tovi

Brand Strategist/Creative Director
Profound definer of brand strategies. Director of design workstreams, and establishes processes like an engineer. Absorbs thinking, knowledge, and ideas to output the gold standard.
JP Myler, Marketing Strategist

JP Myler

Marketing Strategist
Marketer extraordinaire. Organizer of ideas into paths that build brand stories. Developer of brand marketing strategies that communicate the deeper story.
Theresa Ward, Project/Traffic Manager

Theresa Ward

Project/Traffic Manager
Proliferator of processes and procedures. Trafficker of workflows and project streams. Lover of people and culture.
Natalie Squarez, Designer

Natalie Suarez

Designer/Art Director
Creator of new looks and identities. Writer of quippy one-liners and witty two-liners. Maverick at cross-discipline design and thinking.
Rachita Vasandani copywriter and social strategist

Rachita Vasandani

A wonder of witty words and storytelling excellence. A sultan of sentence structure and diva of diction.
Joi Byrd, Project Manager

Joi Byrd

Project Manager
In love with spreadsheets, timelines, deadlines, and order. Keeper of the plan. Informer of clients and teams.
Maria Tamayo, Designer

Maria Tamayo

Designer of unique brand identities. Illustrator of artful expressions that create fresh looks. Fun, upbeat and quirky.
Cheryl Yul, Interior Designer

Cheryl Yul

Interior Designer
Lover of space and form. Creator of remarkable environments. Collector of vision and ideas. Introspective, intelligent, and highly collaborative.


Chief Culture Pup
Cripplingly cute and friendly. Expert cuddler and uplifter of spirits. Responds to over 50 nicknames. Maintains company culture.