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Joseph lends his restaurant branding expertise to Vox & Washingtonian

Principal, Joseph Szala, lends his expertise to two articles about restaurant branding and naming. The first article discusses the nuances of restaurant naming and how it pertains to a new fast casual restaurant in Washington, DC. The second, published on Vox, speculates the real reasons for Hooters’ decline. Is it the uniform? The format? Millennials’ disinterest in female anatomy?

[Washingtonian] Is “I’m Eddie Cano” a Good Name For a Restaurant? We Asked an Expert

New fast casual Italian joint opened in DC with a name that caused quite a stir. The good people at the Washingtonian discussed the restaurant’s name, pros, cons, and general naming advice with Joseph. Read the full article »

Hooters is closing restaurants. Is its offensive uniform to blame?

As Hooters’ future waivers, speculation surrounding the uniforms and concept’s primary offering come into question. Joseph discusses the implications of this dated restaurant concept and brand with the people at Read the full article »


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