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Welcome JP Myler, Marketing Strategist

JP joined the Vigor team earlier this year to head up the marketing strategy for our key client accounts. Since joining the team, JP has played integral roles in building the brands across marketing channels for companies like eegee’s and Erik’s DeliCafé.

Her keen sense of what’s trending and your ability to “listen” to data empowers her to be a powerful brain on every endeavor. Prior to Vigor, JP cut her teeth on Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Southern Proper Hospitality Group (Beni’s Cubano, Chido and Padre’s.) In that experience, she helped the brands reach new heights with their marketing. In fact, she loves really digging deep to solve issues in order to allow brands to better connect with their consumers.

But outside of her disciplines, what makes JP unique?

Ms. Myler loves to paint when she gets the time and loves the fashion and beauty worlds. She actually has a degree in Fashion marketing from Savannah College of Art & Design. 

When she’s not working like crazy for our clients, she juggles the various aspects of family life. You may find her on the sidelines of her sons’ games, or playing fetch with her goldendoodle, Sam. As she likes to say: #BoyMom.

We asked JP a few more questions about her passions and what makes her tick. Here are her responses:

If you could rebrand any F&B company, what would it be and why?

It would be Padriac’s in Vinings. There is so much growth potential within those four walls and it’s right down the road from the Brave’s stadium. The employees and owner are amazing but I think they lost a connection somewhere along the line…is it Irish? Is it American? Is it a bar? There is a lost connection between the VIS, menu offerings, interior design, marketing, etc. If budget weren’t an issue I would love to consult smaller business owners on how to improve their brand voice and visual messaging throughout all consumer touch points.

What’s your bucket-list vacation destination/experience? 

So many! My top two are New Zealand and Italy. I’m so inspired by nature, landscape, architecture, and history that I feel these two places would fuel my soul. I had to take so many art history classes in college that I don’t think my degree would be 100% complete without seeing some of it in person while in Italy.

What’s your go-to drink?
Give me a good skinny margarita and no one gets hurt.

We’re so pumped to have her here at Vigor and look forward to new challenges for clients current and future. So, bring it on!

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