Media Director


The media director will oversee the development of media, objectives and plans on behalf of the agency’s client base. The media director will lead the development of strategic media planning templates. The media director will lead the strategy of the agency’s media offering for clients (e.g. presentations, capabilities).  Lead teams to develop media-first ideas – from content and data, to first-of-their kind media integrations. 


  • Sets a standard by being an example.
  • Demonstrates confidence and authority as the overall voice of the media department.
  • Provides leadership/motivation and conveys the vision and values of the Agency to his/her team.
  • Evaluates performance and skill level of media team members and recommends staffing changes necessary to support client and agency needs.
  • Aligns media department with overall company goals.
  • Takes proactive lead on important issues and in setting priorities.
  • Identifies key elements of an issue or problem and is able to highlight general opportunities or implications.
  • Hires, manages, develops, promotes and retains team members and coordinates the efforts of cross-functional teams.
  • Demonstrates energy and passion for work by educating and developing team members.
  • Effectively plans and organizes the work of the department.
  • Assigns, coordinates and monitors the work of staff members assigned to projects.
  • Maintains continuity, learning and quality assurance across all projects and initiatives.
  • Demonstrates a clear, comfortable, persuasive presentation style for formal/informal settings.


  • Works with Account Management/Client to lead sound media strategy.
  • Develops and administers department budget: salaries, media research source materials costs, etc.
  • Evaluates and recommends latest media resources which better serve the Agency and its clients.
  • Professionally represents the agency Media department to clients, members of the agency, and to the media.
  • Stimulates and challenges Media Planners and Buyers to keep producing innovative and effective solutions for our clients.
  • Makes account assignments that capitalize on department personnel experience and interests.
  • Maintains an ongoing knowledge of innovations, theories and practices pertaining to media functions and inform other interest or affected Agency personnel.
  • Supports Agency new business efforts with innovative media plans and tactics.
  • Ensures all relevant parties are informed of pertinent information (Media Planning and Buying Groups, Account Management, Accounting) in a timely fashion.
  • Builds strong, positive relationships with media reps.
  • Develops media reps as a news business source/resource.
  • Keeps up with latest trends/events in advertising and client related industries.
  • Develops in-depth knowledge of client’s business.
  • Understands and utilizes media research data – SMRB, R/F programs, Monitor Plus competitive spending data.
  • Additional responsibilities as required by business needs.
  • Time sheets – Enters time on a daily basis. Requires same of group members.
  • Expense reports – Turns in expense reports within seven days of expense.
  • Follows all standard agency policies and procedures.


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