New Talent: Say hi to Natalie Suarez

Want to know more about the newest member to the Vigor team? Well, here’s a step inside the mind of our Natalie Suarez, designer and copywriter extraordinaire:

What would you eat for your last dinner? Why?

So, my family celebrates Noche Buena on Christmas Eve, which is essentially a big buffet with lots of booze and dancing and every member of my extended family shows up. My dad will roast a whole pig for 12 hours, my aunt makes her signature flan, people just bring whatever they make best and its just a great meal. So, if I had to choose it would be that, but the stipulation is that I have my family there sharing it with me. Some of my fondest memories growing up happen around that dinner, preparing the food and sharing it with my family, and as I’ve moved away from South Florida I’ve realized how representative it is of my Cuban roots, so I try to do a mini-version of it with my inlaws and friends every year.

What’s your go to beverage/cocktail? Why?

Bourbon is always a good idea, and my go-to these days is an Old Fashioned. There’s no real reason behind it other than I don’t like super sweet or fruity drinks, so bourbon cocktails tend to walk that line. If not that, I’ve been into making El Presidente’s lately, which is a Cuban cocktail that was popular during Cuba’s heyday in the 50s. It’s typically made with white rum, a white vermouth, triple sec, and real grenadine (not that bottled sugar water), but the version I like to make uses aged rum and Lillet instead of vermouth.

What do you love to do in your freetime?

Hiking, knitting, cooking/baking are the top three right now, although it varies. I’m knitting socks for Christmas for some of my family members and that’s been taking up most of my time a) because socks are complicated and b) I have to fight my cat every time I break out the yarn. I also just really enjoy trying new things, seeing new places, etc. I try to not eat at the same restaurant twice or go on the same hike twice, just to see what else is out there.

If you had to open your own restaurant, what would it serve? What would you call it?

Ok so legitimately my back up plan in highschool if the graphic design thing didn’t work out was to open a bakery. One dumb idea I had was to make a pie and muffin hybrid and call them puffins, yes like the bird. I never got to making a name for it but my thought was just to make outrageous flavor combinations for things like cupcakes, bagels, and cakes.

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