Broadcasting a resistance to bad burgers

Burger Radio QSR burger restaurant branding

Better burger food trucks are not something that’s new or innovative. Heck, the “better burger” movement has been thriving for years now. But what about burgers that are metaphorically out of this world? What if alien robots found out about these tasty morsels and decided to invade? Sounds like it’s time to broadcast the resistance and protect our beloved burger brethren.


Boulder, Colorado

Year Completed


Team Size

Vigor 2 / Client 1


Concept Development, Narrative, Identity Design, Menu Systems, Uniforming, Merchandising, Art Direction, Web Development

Preparing for the invasion

When Vigor was approached by the madman/genius behind Burger Radio, all he knew was that his burgers were going to take Colorado by storm. Little did he know that Vigor would help him invade that area with a brand that would disintegrate the minds of the masses. Our challenge was to take his vision and make it bigger than he could ever imagine. Make it something from outer space.

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Working with two basic facts: amazing burgers and the name Burger Radio, the Vigor team set off to brainstorming. Where we landed was far out. We imagined a story where the better burger movement was a war zone. Aliens from another world depleted their burger stores and invaded earth to take the goods. This storyline took on a mind of its own as Vigor and the Burger Radio team ran full steam ahead with an incognito, Punisher style design that depicts alien burger eaters invading the world, and robot burger lovers fighting them off.

The use of other rebel style imagery, like a bandana pattern found on bikers and gangsters, helped add notes of the rebellion throughout the food truck’s brand identity.

Burger Radio food truck branding
Burger Radio food truck branding
Burger Radio food truck branding
Burger Radio food truck branding
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