Say ‘hello’ to Leah Ayer, designer extraordinaire

A few months ago we sought to find a rockstar designer who could challenge conventions and bring a fresh eye to our clients and their work. Ms. Leah Ayer walked through our door with a portfolio that demonstrated that, and so much more. Her work demonstrated great thinking and execution in design and creative. From her innovative packaging for Converse to her brilliant rethinking of The Great Gatsby, Leah’s work pushes the boundaries on the expected.

Leah spent some time at a few agencies with great reputations after graduating from The Portfolio Center. Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky, and Imbibe, were just two of her stops before landing here at Vigor. In between agency life, she found a love and passion for flowers and floral design, something that often comes through in her work.

As a way to introduce Leah to our audience, we had a short one-on-one chat about food, drink, and design. Get to know our newest design maven in her profound answers below, and check out some of her work below that!

What would you eat for your last dinner? Why?

Pizza! More specifically Antico’s San Gennaro Pizza, because if you have to ask then you need to try it.

What’s your go to beverage/cocktail? Why?

I’ve been into trying new beers lately and I have a lot of fun checking out breweries but I can’t turn down a margarita thats been made with fresh limes. Because tequila.

What do you love to do in your freetime?

I love being outside whether it’s hiking, camping, swimming at the lake, or wading in a creek. I also spend a lot of time watching movies, Tony and I have been working on watching all the movies on the top 100 list since we met 9 years ago. I was raised on TV and VHS tapes.

If you had to open your own restaurant, what would it serve? What would you call it?

Tough question. It would probably be a dessert restaurant, and we’d serve only the best cookies, brownies, cake, pie, and ice cream including adult/alcoholic versions of all these things. I could call it ‘Zerts, the name is a WIP.

Next time you’re in the office, please give Ms. Leah a big high-five and hello!

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