Using Social Media to Attract Top Restaurant Talent

Let’s flip the script in this article. It’s no secret that employers look at applicant’s social media profiles before calling for an interview. But if you are leading a brand right now and/or in charge of marketing your company to attract employees, go look at any of your social handles right now.

No, seriously, I’ll wait.

On your page yet? It’s true: Applicants are screening you too and this is what they see. So let’s ask the hard question: Would YOU work for your company based on what you see?

The projection of your company and/or brand on social media not only attracts consumers but also determines what type of talent you will attract. Social media users follow accounts they are inspired by and what they consider valuable content based on their interests. The visuals, vibe, and language should clearly depict your brand’s authenticity. As people start to dig into your posts, they should gain a clear understanding of the answers to the following questions:

Do you celebrate your employees?

Are you involved in your community or any charitable organizations?

How is the culture there? 

What do you stand for? What is your WHY?

The higher your social presence is on social media, the more information potential employees have access to in order to make the decision if they want to work for you or not. It’s important to have a positive online presence that gives clarity to these questions.  

We must also mention the next generation of employees. Gen Z currently makes up 10% of the workforce and have grown up in a digital world, training themselves to read reviews and research products before making purchasing decisions. This habit has shifted into carefully selecting the companies they work for. Sites like Glassdoor and Linkedin provide full transparency and endless content about a company’s core values, leadership, pay, and employee feedback. Social media sites are real-time communications of not only a company’s product or service, but also a platform to open the conversation on social issues and where they stand in today’s climate, which is a high priority for this generation in particular.

As I was scrolling through my personal LinkedIn a while back, I came across a new question for applicants to ask potential employers was “What did you do for your employees during the height of the pandemic?” 

Let that sink in. 

Employers should be prepared and proud to answer this question. Interviewing is a two-way street. Among so many things we are learning throughout this pandemic, perspective is key. People don’t want to work for just anyone because they feel like they have no choice, there are too many options now with remote work. They want to work for brands that complement their personalities and beliefs, enhance their strengths, and will provide opportunities for growth and stability. All characteristics that can easily come across on your social media platforms. 

After reviewing with a potential employee’s perspective and feel you need more than product and/or service on social media, here are a few quick tips to incorporate in the content mix:

  • Employees who love what they do and are ambassadors for your company.
  • Behind the scenes at work, show your audience what it’s really like to work there. 
  • Charities you partner with or donate to along with their story. 
  • Community service your team participates in.
  • Be consistent with your brand voice and tone, it shows the type of personality your company holds.
  • Quotes from the company’s leaders, whether they be funny or inspiring, they should be relatable and in alignment with the brand’s personality.

“Perception is reality” is a phrase we hear often in food and beverage, retail, and customer service industries. One of the goals of social media should be to be perceived as a great company to work for, a company that attracts exciting talent after they research and make the decision to apply. Job searching and research has evolved so we must stay in the know of what future employees value and how we can make our companies a place they are proud to work!

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