2018’s Restaurant Instagram Wins

Instagram wins from Vigor clients

Happy New Year everyone! As we look back at 2018, we took notice to some of our clients who were absolutely exceptional at leveraging Instagram. Instagram offers so much value as a long-form ongoing storytelling platform that increases your brand’s reach and ability to optimize frequency. It’s THE best way to tell your story day-in and day-out. While organic reach becomes more and more difficult due to the need to monetize the platform, striving to build your audience becomes even more critical. Additionally, larger audiences open up bigger opportunities for visibility and advertising.

Audiences are built through creative content that’s worth viewing, engaging with, and talking about with others. In our opinion, the following client accounts did a stellar job of checking that box and more. They deserve a high five and acknowledgment (and a follow!) Congratulations, friends, you’re killing it!

1. Johnny’s Pizza House

Johnny’s is a fast-casual pizza powerhouse out of Louisiana and one of our longest clients. During our collaboration, we’ve designed and launched a successful rebrand, crafted engaging and unforgettable LTO marketing campaigns, and served as a strategic partner to move them ahead. In 2018, we made the decision to build a small in-house team to fully service the brand’s needs. That decision has proved highly valuable and there is no other place where that success if more visible than their Instagram.

Johnny's Pizza House instagram story

2. SlapFish

Although we’re still in the beginning stage of invigorating this fast-casual seafood restaurant brand, their Instagram continues to be highly engaging and effective. Their food is fantastically photogenic which lends itself well to likes and comments with every post. We look forward to what a sound brand strategy will be able to do to make this story even juicier!

SlapFish restaurant instagram

3. Banditos Bar + Kitchen

Our fun-loving crew in Baltimore, Maryland keep the party going on their Instagram making Banditos way more than a tacos and tequila spot. Their Instagram shows a lifestyle that makes you want to be part of the group effectively creating a tribe vibe. With a healthy mix of food and beverage, lifestyle, and creative posts, the Banditos brand story truly comes to life in this media channel.

Banditos Bar and Kitchen instagram

4. Copper Cup Coffee Company

From day one, Copper Cup Coffee has had their Instagram top notch. To be honest, we get kind of jealous. They simply “get it” and it shows throughout their years-long brand story. Each post captures the vibe and personality of Copper Cup excellently, making you want to visit and hang out.

Copper Cup Coffee Company instagram

5. Erik’s DeliCafé

Okay, we may be tooting our own horn here, but the Erik’s brand story has been on the up with the quality of creative, story, and overall engagement. The key has been to inject a human touch to the look. Our focus has been to inject more character and personality into the brand and the Instagram experience. By getting their product into their neighborhoods and elevating the people who make it happen, we’ve been able to significantly increase their followship and engagement.

Erik's DeliCafé restaurant Instagram

Feel free to give those accounts a follow so you can see how it’s done!

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