Kicking up love for a cajun limited time offer

Johnny’s Pizza House Kajun Krewe LTO advertising campaign

In 2017, the Vigor team was tasked with reimagining the yearly Kajun Krewe campaign for Johnny’s Pizza House. The Kajun Krewe is a combination of three Johnny’s Pizza House favorites: Sweep the Swamp® pizza and Flip®, and the Mardi Gras cinnamon sticks. With a focus on what makes Johnny’s Pizza House great, combined with the regional love for Mardi Gras, we created a fun-loving marketing campaign that defined Kajun Krewe.



Year Completed


Team Size

Vigor 6 / Client 5


Marketing Strategy, Campaign Creative, Art Direction

Krewin' up for the party

Every year in January, Johnny’s releases two Mardi Gras themed products for a limited time: Sweep the Swamp and Mardi Gras Cinnamon Sticks. Previous years saw a heavy play on obvious Mardi Gras themes. For 2017 we shifted the focus to what makes Johnny’s Pizza House pizza unique: the toppings.

The LTO needed a catchy name to increase recall and awareness. Vigor labeled the annual event, Kajun Krewe, which played into colloquial spelling and Cajun vernacular. We took inspiration from the festival and merged Johnny’s flair to create a campaign identity that could be used year over year.

Maximizing the good time vibes

Johnny’s Pizza House was dedicated to an existing advertising and marketing media mix. A production company was already retained to handle the television and radio spot. Vigor optimized the scenario by setting the overall look and feel of the campaign in conjunction with storyboards and creative direction for both TV and Radio.

We established a landing page on the website to help funnel traffic, immerse visitors in the campaign, and guide them towards path to purchase. The collective effort yielded nearly 80,000 visits to the site across all referral sources.

Johnny's Pizza House Kajun Krewe limited time offer marketing campaign creative landing page digital design
Johnny's Pizza House Kajun Krewe limited time offer marketing campaign creative direct mail marketing
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