We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Olga’s Kitchen. We believe that together, we can propel this brand into the future with a renewed personality and identity that fuels successful, data-driven marketing and advertising initiatives.

Below is a link to download the full deck that we’ve curated with the intention of answering all the questions in the chemistry check brief. Enjoy.



From brand positioning and messaging through omnichannel marketing and experiential all things begin with and are fueled by profound, data-driven strategy. 


What we say, where, and when is maximizes the connection with our patrons and drives them to purchase whether it’s for the first time, or the hundredth.


Designing immersive, impressive physical experiences that are tech-enabled and uniquely unforgettable. From interiors through architectural consulting.


Excavating the human truths and how we tap them through connective, engaging creative outputs. We tell a story they cannot ignore and build a brand they will love.


Creating a cyclical approach to mining and diseminating rich data from multiple sources to drive an ever-evolving, agile approach to marketing.


Creating new manifestations of brand immersion in the digital world from mobile through web and whatever is next in the connected world.

The Olga's Core Team

Joseph Szala, Principal

Joseph Szala

Managing Director
JP Myler

JP Myler

Marketing Strategist
Aaron Tovi, brand strategist and creative director

Aaron Tovi

Creative Director
Lisa Cory Godby

Lisa Corry-Godby

Integrated Comms Director
Amy Bley

Amy Bley

Account Manager

A team of passionate experts that can flex with the needs of the account.