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With an adjusted strategy and rejuvenated visual identity, the eegee’s brand was poised to represent its offbeat, fun-loving nature. There was no better platform than social media to start, and build, this conversation. Driven by the Vigor team, the “taking it easy” attitude was brought to life and the people were thirsty for more…so we delivered.


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“Whoever took over @eegees social? They are the real heroes of 2020”
– @rebelheartpoetry via Instagram
– @Yokishoru via Instagram
“I love whoever works for your social media 😂 ”
– @Nette.Mariie via Instagram
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Tapping into an easygoing, offbeat spirit

Eegee’s following is cult-like. From the love of the namesake fruit slush to the tangy, zesty ranch magic, we knew our Patron group was begging for reasons to buy-in even more. We simply had to join the conversation and culture on the platforms where they lived, worked, and played.

While this is already the biggest challenge for marketers, the pandemic of 2020 exacerbated the challenge. Vigor stepped up and eegee’s reaped the rewards. From moments of in-the-moment creative through coordination of streaming DJ events at local pools, we tapped into the easygoing offbeat soul of the eegee’s brand.

Haunted drive-thrus and pool-side beats

The global pandemic stripped the opportunities to enjoy life from every person on earth. But we didn’t let that stop us from bringing the fun to them. The Vigor team collaborated with the eegee’s internal marketing department to develop engaging activations that sought to sweeten the moments for their Patrons. 

Starting in May, we launched a weekly live DJ series that was streamed into Facebook and Instagram. The DJ would spin awesome party beats next to local pools to give that summertime flavor. During the streams, the eegee’s team would engage with guests and conduct giveaways to surprise, delight, and live the brand.

In October, we resurrected trick-or-treat from its cancellation (#pandemiclife right?) We launched a haunted drive-thru experience chock full of giveaways and good-time vibes. We leveraged Instagram stories to give this event a ton of viewership and engagement.

New ways to rock the ranch

The second most popular item on the eegee’s menu was the ranch dressing. And it is legit! But we realized there is only so much you can say about ranch. After diving into consumer research and data we realized there was a large group of people who kicked up their ranch with non-brand sauces. Coupled with idiosyncrasies in how people dip their fries, we created a series of fun social videos that sparked conversation and engagement.

Hijacking pop culture trends

Finding a unique voice on social can be difficult but with such a well-defined brand, we had no trouble identifying opportunities to be heard and seen. Our team kept a finger on the pulse with trending topics and memes looking for ways to inject the eegee’s voice in a natural and on-brand way. When a potential trend hit, we were there to jump and the brand was rewarded handsomely. 

Posts like “El Tigre” which riffed off the hit Netflix Show, Tiger King, saw massive engagement with eegee’s Patrons while driving some sales. The sales of the product sparked user-generated content moments that pushed the brand even farther. Through our creative and strategy the eegee’s brand was able to connect on the personality and values layers of the Patron making for a highly successful effort.


Eegee’s saw numerous upticks across multiple measurement points. From engagement through followship and into sales, the brand broke sales records during the pandemic. Yes, we broke records. The brand’s channels buzzed with likes and comments and the ripple effect was measured the whole way through sales and increases in check averages.

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