eegee's Limited Time Offer Advertising

eegee’s Limited Time Offer Advertising

The eegee’s magic never got stale due to a steady stream of new monthly flavors and quarterly menu item releases. From Ranch Chicken Sandwiches to the locally renowned and beloved Watermelon eegee, the “taking it easy” vibes were turned up to the highest setting. With Vigor’s leadership and creative, eegee’s limited-time offer advertising won hearts and broke records.


Tucson, AZ

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Brand Strategy, Narrative, Naming, Identity Design, Merchandising, Campaign Creative, Art Direction, Marketing Management, Social Media, Web Development

Adding flavor to flavor of the month advertising

Month-to-month eegee’s releases a fresh flavor of their namesake drink. Some of them do well, and some of them are cult favorites. Prior to Vigor, the marketing efforts behind the flavors of the month were spearheaded by a singular concept design that was replicated across the suite of touchpoints. But the eegee’s have so much more life than that and we though they deserved way more flavor. After all, a real fruit slush deserve real fun creative.

Our approach sought to introduce the fruitness and flavor of the eegee mixed with lifestyle and moments of locality. While we maintained a core creative look for the on-premise and launch collateral, we added to the flavor throughout the month beyond those elements. We introduced a sticker of the month that coincided with the flavor and sparked people to yearn for the next month’s sticker while adding another “word of mouth” moment when those stickers were placed on cups and elsewhere.

The social stories took the flavor as inspiration as we created engaging content from social fun and games to experiential opportunities. From “dream interpretations” during the month of Orange Dream to Holiday giveaways during the Holly Berry month, the Vigor team sought to engage the Patrons with offbeat, fun interactions and creative.

eegee's flavor of the month sticker designs

Time for some TeeKee magic

Despite being a “family brand” there exists a group of people that love to spike their eegee. It’s truly a no-brainer for those who are over the legal age, but eegee’s hadn’t really talked about it on their channels. We changed all that by launching weekly recipes with local bartenders. The recipes were delivered via video on social and written from throughout other channels. We encouraged others to try out the recipes and share them on social. The official name “TeeKee” was created and after 9 months of recipes we pooled them into a recipe book available for purchase around the Holidays.

Ranchifying limited-time tastiness

Outside of the eegees themselves, the brand had another winner on the menu: the Ranch dressing. Combined with their signature crinkle fries, the ranch definitely took center stage from the food standpoint. In an effort to use ranch to introduce new products, eegee’s released a three new product suites in 2020: Ranch Chicken Sandwiches, Salads, and Avocado Ranch Chicken. Vigor helped fuel the launch and marketing of each of them.

Continuing to reinforce the eegee’s visual identity, we directed a number of photo and video shoots to capture the ranchy magic. Our goal was to capture the imagery for the hero creative concepts, but also work to collect b-roll to promote the products across their months of activation.


The collective efforts of our year of marketing and advertising were phenomenal. Despite the fact that the entire world was locked down due to COVID-19, we were able to exponentially uplift eegee’s sales and traffic numbers in same store sales and other metrics. Additionally, we saw the following “wins” due to our creative and strategic work.

0 %
P-Mix Sales Increase (Salads)
0 %
Same Store Sales Increase YOY
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