Making a pizza brand that rises beyond "good enough"

Rize Artisan Pizza fast casual restaurant branding

Pizza brands are a dime a dozen because the focus begins and ends on the product alone. When we were approached by the executive leadership of a new pizza concept, we were intrigued by their passion for a new kind of pizza experience. Empowering the people around them was baked into their DNA, and, therefore; the DNA of the brand itself. Using this passion we were able to fully bake their vision.


Atlanta, Georgia

Year Completed


Team Size

Vigor 5 / Client 4


Brand Strategy, Concept Development, Narrative, Naming, Identity Design, Art Direction


  • Create a brand founded on a passion for greatness
  • Establish a tone of voice that would empower and inspire people inside and outside the organization
  • Set the framework for a visual and verbal language unique to the brand in a saturated vertical: pizza

Key Insights

Trying to own “the best pizza” was an exercise in futility. We knew that and so did the client. We had to dig much deeper into the essence and passion of the figurehead leading the charge. Only with his indelible dedication to the brand’s true passionate purpose would this brand launch and grow with natural gravitas. We knew that he was competitive and unafraid to positively challenge those around him.

Rize Artisan Pizza fast casual restaurant branding and concept development brand standards guide design

Rizing above the status quo

We identified the fuel that was driving this project forward and put it into a concise statement that others would remember, and – most importantly – adopt. “Good enough isn’t good enough. Be bold and relentless in your craft.” This was the line that became the mantra and lens for everything in the company.

From that statement we went through a rigorous naming process that resulted in multiple viable names that would “live” the brand’s core. “Rize” quickly rose the top with the group for many reasons from the obvious to the unexpectedly colloquial. “Rise up” is Atlanta Falcon’s slogan, and one that taps into the roots of Atlanta’s history and future.

The name gave the team the opportunity to craft a unique brand logo based on a semi-nostaglic, yet forward-thinking typography. The brand type seems simple at first glance, but in the whitespace exists a slice of pizza pointing onward and upward. That slice is branded with an exclamation point to add a loudness to the look that would also be threaded throughout the brand’s tone of voice and other visual touch points.

The Vigor team packaged up the brand’s multiple brand elements from typography and color selections to secondary brand elements like icons, logos, and text treatments. We equipped the team and their partners with the tools to continue their pursuit of greatness.

Rize Artisan Pizza fast casual restaurant branding and concept development concept pitch deck slides
Rize Artisan Pizza fast casual restaurant branding and concept development stationery and identity design
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