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Continuing the legacy in the making

UrbanTree Cidery craft cider packaging design

After Urban Tree Cidery’s successful launch and activation, the brand began building upon the strong foundations created by Vigor. From limited-edition ciders through six-pack bottles and full distribution, the Urban Tree brand expanded quickly. Vigor was tasked with designing all packaging assets and sales materials to fuel this legacy in the making.


Atlanta, Georgia

Year Completed


Team Size

Vigor 6 / Client 3


Narrative, Naming, Brand Architecture, Packaging, Art Direction

Building the branches of the family tree

There were multiple components of the new ciders and new cider offering. It was critical that we approached with the focus of building the brand without becoming visually stagnant. Put simply, we wanted to make sure the packaging matched but was different enough to move the brand forward.

We separated the limited editions and special releases and used them as opportunities to have fun with the brand and cider style. The permanent editions to the brand’s offering would continue the look established in the initial brand development with some nuances.


An iconic brand takes root

Through the cidery’s secondary packaging opportunities, we’ve continued to craft an ongoing story while building the UrbanTree Cidery identity into a regionally iconic brand.

From naming ciders through developing narratives that connect the brand to the product and larger story, Vigor’s role in the UrbanTree legacy has taken root.

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