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VH Beer branding & packaging design

While it’s true that VHBeer is made with premium, locally sourced ingredients, the real magic is that every beer they make is crafted to be undeniably delicious regardless of whether you’re a can-cracking domestic drinker or a true aficionado. VHBeer focuses on crowd-pleasing styles and interprets them in refreshingly fun, yet accessible ways. Rather than chasing trends or trying to the make a weirder brew than the next guy, they do whatever it takes to perfect what they love. The result is beer that’s easy to drink and hard to forget.


Denver, Colorado

Year Completed


Team Size

Vigor 5 / Client 5


Brand Strategy, Narrative, Naming, Brand Architecture, Identity Design, Merchandising, Packaging, Campaign Creative, Art Direction
VHBeer - craft beer branding logo design

Shifting from the obscure to a focus on fun

Sons of 1858 was the original brand created for ViewHouse. However, due to little marketing and storytelling, the brand never really took hold. Despite the negatives, the beer did provide a lot of real world data and feedback to guide a rejuvenated strategy.

ViewHouse’s core Patron desired a selection of drinkable beers that can be a trusty sidekick for a good time. It’s a big brand drinkability, with a craft brand identity.

With that in mind, we shifted the strategy and brand from the obscurity of “Sons of 1858” to one that’s more approachable, VHBeer.

Remarkable fun surrealism built on a solid structure

When approaching the identity and the packaging design, it was critical that VHBeer established a basis of ribbonization while flexing enough to portray the uniqueness, and fun personality of the beer style. The solution was centered on surrealist collages that infused local/regional icons with smile-inducing scenarios in a way that fresh, new and inherently ownable by VHBeer.

The strong structural elements surrounding the collage created a sense of trustworthiness and an easy to identify element that reinforces it as a member of the brand family.

VHBeer branding identity design secondary marks
VHBeer craft beer advertising
VHBeer craft beer advertising

Extending the voice, and introducing the characters

To effectively advertise the new beers, we extended the voice and the look across multiple media channels. Each channel afforded us the ability to build a tone of voice and attitude, while introducing the suite of characters and beer styles in a way that was unique and unforgettable.

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