It’s time to kill the idea of ‘vanity metrics’ and embrace a better term

Early funnel marketing metrics for restaurant brands

As a restaurant brand with multiple locations, your marketing efforts are critical to driving traffic.  However, tracking the success of your marketing efforts can be challenging, and not all metrics have a direct connection to that ultimate goal. The term “Vanity metrics” has been used to describe metrics that make a brand look good on […]

5 keys to unlocking early marketing funnel success for restaurant brands

Early marketing funnel success for restaurant brands

As a restaurant leader, you are always looking for ways to increase traffic and revenue. One of the most effective strategies you can use to achieve this goal starts by maximizing the opportunities via the early marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a way to visualize the different stages a potential Patron goes through before […]

5 1/2 Restaurant Trends for 2023

2023 restaurant industry trends on branding and marketing

Oh hey look, another “2023 Trends” article. I’m sure your feeds are full of them, but let me tell you why this one matters. It’s not focused on a service that I happen to provide like so many other trend reports do. Instead, these trends are 100% derivative of patterns I’ve been seeing pop up […]

Clearing up the murkiness surrounding Brand Purpose

Brand strategy and purpose article for restaurant branding

Brand Purpose quickly established itself as the buzzword du jour in the 2010s with renowned, respected consultancies like Brighthouse, a BCG Company, and iconic thinkers like Simon Sinek dominating the thinking, and many others adopting and adapting it. The word has become ubiquitous among forward-thinking leaders who seek to scale brands with the stickiness to […]

Joseph chats restaurant branding & strategy on Order Up! Podcast

Podcast appearance on Order Up! Restaurant Operations Podcast by Joseph Szala with Tommy Yionoulis

A few weeks ago, Joseph was invited onto the Order Up! Restaurant Operations podcast to chat about restaurant branding, the state of the industry, and The Bullhearted Brand. Host Tommy Yionoulis and Joseph had an in-depth chat covering many hot-button topics faced by the industry today. The conversation was so chock full of insights that […]

Restaurant Technology Spotlight: Kickfin

Restaurant Technology reviews and integrations

The restaurant industry is finally in the thick of it when it comes to the technology revolution. Realizing the role tech plays in helping agile pivots and adjustments (thanks pandemic!) brands are embracing, integrating, and innovating left and right. Helping that charge is a suite of new technology platforms that seek to solve stubborn challenges […]

Restaurant Trend Predictions for 2022

2022 restaurant branding and marketing predictions and forecast

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year, literally the last day, where we throw down some bold predictions for the restaurant industry. Not necessarily in what foods will be trending, but more focused on larger shifts and notable changes to be expected in 2022. This future-casting is fueled by our discussions with leaders on […]

Vigor acquired by Pavone Marketing Group

Vigor acquired by Pavone - bulldogs meet the bulls

Just two weeks after an announcement that Pavone Marketing Group had acquired New York City-based agency Eastwest Marketing Group, PMG has finalized another acquisition, this time with Atlanta-based restaurant branding and marketing agency, Vigor. Vigor has been developing restaurant, beverage and hospitality brands for more than 18 years through brand strategy, concept development, and identity […]

Media Director

Restaurant branding and marketing key: bull in a china shop

Apply Today! Summary The media director will oversee the development of media, objectives and plans on behalf of the agency’s client base. The media director will lead the development of strategic media planning templates. The media director will lead the strategy of the agency’s media offering for clients (e.g. presentations, capabilities).  Lead teams to develop […]

Marketing Communications Planner

Restaurant branding and marketing key: bull in a china shop

Apply Today! Summary The Marketing Communications Planner is the strategic architect of the conception and implementation of business-building plans across a variety of channels. The position sits at the intersection of ideas and media, partnering closely with the creative teams and the individual media buyers to ensure a comms idea is properly integrated across the […]