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Natalie Suarez, Art Director/Designer

Natalie Saurez, designer spotlight

Natalie joined the herd at Vigor back in 2018 as a designer. She brought with her an array of design and creative talents that immediately added a positive impact on key client accounts. Her thinking and unique approach to absorbing strategy and developing brand identities and marketing creative has influenced or lead many of Vigor’s most impressive works.

In addition to her daily charge at Vigor, Natalie has completely taken the reins on the content at Grits & Grids curating and critiquing the world’s most amazing restaurant design. This secondary focus keeps her fingers on the pulse of what’s new and great across the globe which impacts the forward-thinking creative for all our clients.

Since her start at Vigor, Natalie has played major roles in the design and development of the following restaurant brands: Salt + Marrow, Jackson’s Bluff, Safina, and, of course, the amazing breadth of marketing and branding work for Erik’s DeliCafé.

We wrangled Natalie up and hit her with some questions about what makes her tick in this short written interview. Have a read and get to know the guts and heart that charge her ahead: 

Outside of “the grind” what are you passionate about?

Taking way too long at the liquor store because I’m looking at packaging, craft beer, trying to not kill my succulents, hiking/general adventuring with my husband, trying to make my cat love me.

What is your favorite food and/or drink?

Candied Guava with Manchengo Cheese on Crackers

What’s your favorite go-to dish to make at home?

Crockpot Dishes, because weeknights are hectic. On the weekends I try to make more complicated, time-investing dishes and I’m learning how to bake.

What’s your favorite part of what we do at Vigor?

Seeing how good brand strategy and design empowers the small businesses we work with

What food, beverage, and/or hospitality brands have you worked on before Vigor (include Travel)?

Visit Sandy Springs, Awesome Alpharetta, Spencer Trappist Ale, Visit Georgetown Texas, Cedar Park Fun, Towns County Chamber of Commerce (Go Lake Chatuge), Visit Henry County, Laredo Convention & Visitors Bureau, John’s Creek Convention & Visitors Bureau, Atlanta Metro Travel Association, Dunwoody Restaurant Week

If you could rebrand any F&B company, what would it be and why?
Bustelo because: C’MON! It would bring me nothing but joy to know a package [that I] designed is in my grandma’s pantry.
Where did you graduate from and with what degree/major?
The University of Florida, BFA in Graphic Design
Do you have kids and/or pets that you’d like to share?
The other woman in my marriage is my cat, Juno.
What’s your bucket-list vacation destination/experience?
Barcelona. Once I see La Sagrada Familia in person the earth can open up and swallow me and I will be satisfied.



You can follow Natalie on Dribble @nataliewithaie and on Instagram @nataliewithaie

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