Hoyle’s Kitchen & Bar full service restaurant branding

Hoyle's Kitchen & Bar restaurant rebranding and design

A tavern turned music hall experience had run its course in relevance, and the ownership sought to reinvigorate the space. With a focus on the historic roots of the family, and a vision of creating a family-meets-fun experience, the Vigor team realized a new life and brand for the team. Location Year Completed Team Size […]

Rize Artisan Pizza fast casual restaurant branding

Rize Artisan Pizza fast casual restaurant branding and concept development

Pizza brands are a dime a dozen because the focus begins and ends on the product alone. When we were approached by the executive leadership of a new pizza concept, we were intrigued by their passion for a new kind of pizza experience. Empowering the people around them was baked into their DNA, and, therefore; […]

Fioro fast casual Italian restaurant branding

Fioro italian fast casual restaurant concept development and branding

After the fall of NYC’s famous ramen concept, the owners had a new vision and challenge: to craft an authentic café experience as found in the Naples region of Italy. They tapped Vigor with a short timeframe and vision of bringing Italian street food to life in manhattan. Location Year Completed Team Size Services Challenges […]

Sons of 1858 craft beer & brewery branding

Sons of 1858 craft beer branding, packaging and design

Two enterprising gentlemen were looking to join in on the craft beer Renaissance but knew that following the pack was a bad move. They wanted to capture the spirit of Colorado without cliché or expected imagery. Instead, they sought to create a brand that represented the adventurous spirit found in Denver, because that’s exactly what […]

Wayward Bar & Kitchen full service BBQ restaurant branding

Wayward Bar & Kitchen branding and concept development design

Positioned close to the Mason-Dixon line, but far away from any true Southern food experience is what prompted this brand’s vision: A Southern-fried, rebel-smoked, bourbon-infused bar and kitchen in the heart of Baltimore’s most lively neighborhood. Vigor conspired to inject a taste of Southern hospitality into Federal Hill. Location Year Completed Team Size Services Challenges […]

Bon Glaze Doughnuts restaurant branding

Bon Glaze doughnuts restaurant branding and design

Husband and wife team had a decadent dream: Create an upscale doughnut experience. They traveled the globe finding the best recipes for their doughnut brand and when they felt they had curated the world’s best, they called on Vigor to make it a reality. Location Year Completed Team Size Services Glazing new trails A wave […]

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